October 2015

IE Partners and Volunteers share 'best practices' in community development

The morning of September 17, 2015 was filled with positive dreams and hopes for 15 people who attended the Appreciative Cross Cultural Engagement and Bangsamoro Cultural Advocacy Project Orientation. The activity was organized to bring together iEmergence’s partner organizations and individual volunteers in a safe space to discuss plan and strategies of the upcoming implementation of the BCAP Phase 2 dubbed as, Round Table Discussion and Public Forum on Culture, Peace, and Reconciliation in the Bangsamoro.

The ACCET and BCAP Orientation took place in Transformative Justice Institute located at Dona Luisa Subdivision, Ecoland, Davao City where the participants engaged in a story-telling process aimed to discover the “best practices” in a community development project that they were involved in. The participants were divided into small groups to facilitate the sharing of personal success stories. Each group were also asked to share common elements of the stories that comprises the positive core of a successful community development project. At the end of the workshop, participants agreed that a successful development project can only happen if there was good communication, sense of responsibility, the willingness to build positive relationships, the openness to learn, listen, and empathize among people who were involved in the project.

This discovery session through story-telling contextualized the orientation and planning session for BCAP in the afternoon. It allowed the participants to plan and strategize the implementation of the Round Table Discussion and Public Forum on Culture, Peace, and Reconciliation in the Bangsamoro using the appreciative lens. In the end, it was agreed to schedule follow up discussions and meetings to finalize the plan and strategies for the upcoming BCAP activity.