Ubun na Kettal reaches new community

“We, as the youth of today, have the role to cultivate, grow and develop ourselves to be rooted in our given identity and culture. We have a big responsibility to enrich this gift to pass on to the next generations.” – John, youth from Upper Tical
Photo 14-02-2017, 2 07 03 PM

This understanding that John shared, and what others also affirmed, has helped shape the leadership program of the Indigenous youth in the Tagakolu community in Malita, Philippines. Ubun na Kettal, literally "cultivating culture", through the initiative of the community, is now expanding outside the two pilot areas. A preliminary activity was held last February 3 to 4, 2017, where 27 youth coming from 4 villages gathered with their elders and leaders. In the gathering, the community identified several mentors that would lead them during phase one of the leadership program. They also determined the timeframe, availability of participants and mentors, and set guidelines that would help those involved to focus in their learning journey.

It is exciting to see the community lead this engagement together with the help of the Missionaries of Jesus and its staff, the Mindanao-Sulu Pastoral Conference – Youth Congress, and iEmergence. It is even more admirable to witness their elders and leaders assert their role in implementing the leadership program.

For Ubun na Kettal, the horizon is ever expanding and we, as co-sojourners in this journey, continue to tread on. Padeleg Kita!