Sunggud to Kamanga

Last January 16-18, 2016, iEmergence was invited to witness an annual cultural gathering of the Ata tribe called “Sunggud to Kamanga” by the tribal leaders and elders in Paquibato District, Davao City.

The whole Ata community in Paquibato gathered around the panubaran, their place of worship and prayer, in Sitio Pigdalahan. Datu Duyan led the “panubad-tubad” or prayer that was offered to the Creator. They believe that their lands were entrusted to them by Creator and it is their task to take care of these lands.

Every first quarter of the year, it is tradition for the tribe to hold this ritual to bless their farm tools and materials in preparation for the planting season, and to welcome a bountiful first harvest.

After the ritual, men, women, youth and children took part in dancing, playing the “bangkakaw”, an Ata traditional musical instrument, and feasted in a banquet prepared by everyone in the community.