A Space for Cultural Learning

On the morning of October 14, 2016, the tribal elders gathered together to offer their thanksgiving to the Creator through a Panubad-tubad (tribal ceremony). This expression of gratitude was a celebration of the community’s five-year journey with iEmergence and the commemoration of the National Indigenous People’s Month here in the Philippines. More importantly, it was a momentous day for Panuluanan (place of learning), as we built a traditional house that will serve as model for all the other structures in Panuluanan.

The construction of the Panuluanan model house began immediately after the tribal blessing. The place was full of joy, hope and enthusiasm as the Ata community worked together in building the foundation of their place of learning. Positive energy flowed among the people as they took the next step in realizing their long-awaited desire, envisioned over five years ago. Your kind heart paved the way for this dream to come true.

In the long term, the tribal elders dream of building a Tribal Village on a five-hectare land donated by the Tribal Chieftain. They envision Panuluanan as a place where there will be an intentional transfer of cultural practices, knowledge and values to the next generation. What took place was only the initial phase, for there is much more work to be done: the development of their Indigenous curriculum and construction of other traditional houses that will complete the whole Panuluanan. The community eagerly hopes that you will walk with them on this journey.