Keep Discovering and Learning

"During my visit in the community of Sorayan last July 4-6, I was encouraged to learn and deeply value my own identity and culture. The visit inspired me to continue to share my talent and capacity to encourage more young people like me to keep on discovering and living the values and tradition of being an Ata youth. Through this, I think that the next generations will understand and appreciate our tribe more deeply. It is our hope to bring pride and honor as young Ata people in Paquibato, the city of Davao. I am willing to share and do what I can for our future and for the benefit of our tribe. I hope you too will support this kind of endeavor for our future and for the future of young tribal leaders like me. Thank you! "- Bob Ali, Ata youth leader

Currently, we are in the process of designing a development plan for “Baloy no Panuluanan” or Cultural Village in partnership with the Ata community in Sitio Sorayan, Barangay Colosas, Paquibato District, Davao City. Last July 4-6, 2016, the community re-validated the output of the workshop and consultation initiated last March. The trust and relationship formed with the community members and their leaders since then allowed for each one to express their ideas openly. The community then collectively decided on the essential elements that would form part the design for the first phase of the project, which is the planning and resource mobilization. We have faith that this plan will enrich and support the implementation of the project effectively.

The Cultural Village will be an intentional space for learning and cultural regeneration. It aims to create a generational flow between the elders in the community and the young emerging leaders of the tribe. The elders will be the mentors who will purposely pass on their Indigenous knowledge and wisdom to the next generations. At the village, there will be a concrete learning path for the Indigenous youth and capacity building for the community leaders that will emphasize the significance of community intra and inter-tribal relationships ~ with one’s self, others and the natural world.

In the future, this learning space also hopes to invite every individual, from all walks of life, to come to the village, learn with the Ata people and experience a long-lasting sense of amazement that they will take with them as they live, learn, brighten and inspire the lives of others.

With your enormous support, this village will be a venue for many beautiful indoor and outdoor learning spaces to: learn with the tribe through culturally appropriate ways, commune with nature, experience Ata music and arts, sewing, traditional farming, organic food, traditional medicine growing, traditional outdoor skills, and converse on Indigenous faith and spirituality.


We are eager to walk with you in this beautiful journey. Contact us for more details!