Designing a Tribal Village

Last January 2017, the elders and community leaders of the Ata tribe in Sitio Sorayan Paquibato, Davao City, gathered to collectively design their own space for cultural learning called Panuluanan. For three days, the community shared stories of traditional architecture and created a miniature version of Panuluanan. The workshop was facilitated by Gloryrose Dy-Metilla and Henna Dazo of Swito Designs, a community-based architecture firm based in Mindanao. The team from iEmergence was also present to assist and document the participatory process.

The objective of the workshop was to rediscover the Ata tribe's architectural traditions and to strengthen community participation in designing the whole landscape of Panuluanan. Gloryrose shares: “The participants are community architects already because they were able to create a beautiful and sustainable Indigenous structure even without us. They only need to refine it by adding a technical perspective.” The team from Swito provides that element.

The workshop was also a good space for identifying local resources. The community were able to identify the structures and spaces that will form this cultural village. There will be five major structures: one for worship or the Panubaran, one for learning (Panuluanan), one for conversations, one for livelihood and another to serve as a traditional Ata home. The community also hopes to develop spaces for Indigenous farming and river rafting, and an open space for cultural shows. In all of these, they are determined to use Indigenous resources and materials found within their ancestral land.

Help us build the entire tribal village! Pegdumoy kid! Join us in this big adventure!

For more on Panuluanan, watch this video: