Strengthening Partnerships and Learning

Last Sept. 30 to Oct. 2, 2016, iEmergence together with our partners from SwitoDesign, volunteers and community in Sorayan, spent time building trust and strengthening the positive working relationships we have with each other. The team is moving forward along the path of making Panuluanan, the Ata community’s place of learning, tangible.

The Asset Based Cross-Cultural Engagement Training (ACCET) conducted last September 30 encouraged the partners and volunteers to adapt an asset-based worldview and culturally appropriate ways when engaging with cultural communities. One of our partner architects from SwitoDesign, Architect Henna Dazo, shared: “I appreciated the approach and it is new to me. It is true that we really have to listen and recognize the community’s dream if we are working with them.”

After the training, the group visited and lived with the community for two days to learn their ways of living. This immersion gave them a deeper understanding of the community’s vision to create a learning space with the intention to pass on their cultural values and practices to the next generations.

In line with the National Indigenous Peoples Month celebration in the Philippines, the community will hold a “Panubad-tubad” or thanksgiving ritual this coming October 14, in recognition of the journey of Panuluanan from its inception 5 years ago until today and seeing it gradually become a reality. For us at iEmergence, it is also a thanksgiving celebration of our relationship with the community which began the same time Panuluanan was birthed. Strengthening and affirming our relationship with the community has always been the core of what we do. We hope to continue to have conversations on ways to move forward on the plans we have already discovered and build their learning space, a space where they can teach and learn about and through culture.


Journey with us! Support the Ata community in establishing Panuluanan! Let’s work together to build their cultural village. For more information on how you can help, contact us by emailing to!