Tultulanen: Tracing the Tagakaulo Genealogy

Twenty-four Tagakolu youth gathered in the villages of Matamis and Kalatagan in Malita, Davao Occidental simultaneously for the “Tultulanen”, a conversation on Tagakolu Genealogy, last January 29-31, 2016.

"Tultulanen" became the space for the youth to know more about their family and forefathers. It helped them trace back their ancestry and become reconnected with their relatives. For the Tagakolu youth, it is significant and meaningful to know their own lineage, the history of their ancestors, because it deepens their rootedness in their identity as Tagakolu. It is also a way for them to be aware of their shared ancestry as they choose who to wed.

The continuous support of the community leaders and parents together with the Malita Tagakaulo Mission (MaTaMis), contributed a lot to the success of the activity. Collaboration was also present even outside the conversation. The youth shared that even in the simple act of preparing food and the space where they gather, they continue to build a more unified community of culture bearers.

It was evident that the elders of the community played a vital role in engaging the collective past and ancestry of the tribe. As one elder expressed: “Madyaw kaedean ta ya tyugbulan ta aw singan kita...nyaede kita na Tagakolu kita aw yan ya tribu ta. Kun nyaede kita sa tyugbulan ta, ya kadakula yeiy ubatubat naten sa manga kamangayseanan.” (It is best to know where we come from, for us to know who we are...we know that we are Tagakolu and this is our tribe. Knowing who we are allows us to pass this history fully unto the next generation.)