Witnessing a community dream

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By Rhea Silvosa

I am always grateful for opportunities to be able to connect with communities and with various groups in the country. It makes me appreciative of who I am and just how truly bountiful and beautiful is my home, and how diverse my family is. Thinking back about it, I’m surprised to realize that I actually liked that I was uncomfortable in a lot of ways because it forced me to look at things as they really are. And always, the truth is not an easy thing to handle. The circumstances we’ve experienced in our three day stay in Sorayan were things I expected because I know they’re happening in many places not just in Sorayan, but the situation still surprised and shocked me. I always find it distressing to see poverty face to face and I want to learn not to look away and pretend that all is alright with the world. Experiences such as this helps me to stay firm to the cause I have ascribed myself into—helping the world become a better place for us to live in.

But one thing beautiful to see is to witness a community dream. It was a wonderful moment to be in. You know that the world is not hopeless after all when you see these people and the steadfast hope they have for the future. They are dreaming and doing something to make sure that the future is a place they could be proud of to leave their children behind. I feel really privilege to be in some way part of the process in making that dream into a reality. Once again I am reminded that no matter how small the work we are doing compared to the horrendous realities of life, of the world. What we do matter still, because it matters to one life. And that is always important to remember.

Rhea is the Annual Training Program Officer of Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute in the Philippines. She volunteers with iEmergence in her spare time to help in facilitation and documentation especially in iE's engagement with the tribal people currently encamped in the UCCP, Haran compound, Davao City, Philippines.