Influence of language and thoughts

A reflection from our staff, Kharla Acosta

Working alongside communities gradually undresses your thoughts and influences the way you think, speak and even make sense of the world. Learning the language of the people I work with simply gives me a better appreciation of the beauty and uniqueness of their tribe.

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For so long, I have seen and sincerely appreciated how these communities generously give an effort to speak my language. I have come to a point where I have realized how much they have given and adjusted for my sake because they genuinely want to share their stories and their culture. It is a testament to how truly they value you as a person. They will try to speak the language you understand.

To give my fair share, I am taking on the challenge of learning their language. It is my hope that this will not only help me get a better grasp of their way of life but change the way I think and perceive life at a personal level.

Kharla Acosta is the Program Manager at iEmergence, Inc. Philippines. She oversees the programs of iEmergence particularly the Osmosis program. Her work in iE since 2014 has been a significant contribution to the continual development of iEmergence as an organization and as an entity working alongside Indigenous communities.