Kids Culture Camp 2015
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Kids Culture Camp was a wonderful opportunity for Indigenous kids to learn more about themselves, their people, and Creator. This year, the camp happened on August 10 - 14, 2015 at the beautiful Pioneer Lodge in Sundre, Alberta. Campers aged 8 to 12 years old took part in the 5-day camp this summer. In partnership with Alberta Pioneer Camps - Inter-Varsity Camps and Edmonton Native Healing Centre, iEmergence worked hard to make this year's camp filled with fun, discoveries, learnings, and friendships.

What happened during camp!

• Story-telling at the campfire
• Traditional dancing and singing
• Traditional crafts and customs
• Swimming and horsemanship
• Various sports and games
• Great camp food and snacks
• Working together in team activities
• Building a deeper respect for our Creator and His creation
• Discovering a greater knowledge of our Creator and His Son, Jesus
• Having fun getting to know new people and learning new things!
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Stories from Camp…

During the 4 days in the craft room working with a great team of pretty crafty people, helping out the kids with their beading and sewing up their medicine bags was very interesting. As it began, some of the kids were not really into the craft project; but with a little encouragement, they really did get the hang of beading. Some put their initials on the canvas, some beaded a medicine wheel, others did flowers or stars or feathers. There were some who made complex designs and spent their whole time beading. Lots of the kids went home with a completed bag, having done all the sewing machine work as well as the beading.

A 10 year old boy impressed me a lot. He was very quiet, listened well and was serious about working on the project. It was his first time beading and using a sewing machine. I watched his eyes focusing closely on the material as I taught him. He could sew a very straight line and always remember what to do. He really did master the fine art of beading (at one level) and in using the sewing machine. Mastery is one of the important values we focus on at camp in addition to Belonging, Independence and Generosity (From “The Circle of Courage”).

- From Vivien Stime, one of the organizers during camp
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About Us

iEmergence, a division of Indigenous Pathways, is a non-profit/non-stock organization focusing on holistic community and leadership development in indigenous and tribal communities.
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