KCClogo Kids Culture Camp

Thank you for your interest in iEmergence’s camp for First Nations children.
Kids Culture Camp happens this August 7 - 11, 2017 at the Pioneer Lodge, Sundre, Alberta.
Camper Fee is $195! Register now! Limited slots available.

Emergency Contact Info
Camper Liability Waiver and Medical Release

I, the parent/guardian of the above-named camper, release Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada and Pioneer Camp, and iEmergence, their trustees, directors, corporation members, staff and agents from any loss, personal injury, accident, misfortune or damage to the above-named camper. Each camper must have Alberta Health Care, equivalent medical insurance or willing to pay incurred medical expenses.

The parents/guardians submitting this application are those having legal custody over the child. Conditions of custody, if applicable, will be fully communicated in writing to camp, including a photocopy of the section of any court order referring to visitation rights. Campers will be released only to those who are listed as the parent/guardian on their application form unless written notice is received from the parent/guardian stating otherwise.

The signature of the parent/guardian on this application shall give the Camp Director the right to arrange for any special services or other requirements necessary for the best interest of the camper and shall give the Camp Director the right to approve and obtain medical attention necessary for the camper\'s welfare and good health including ordering injection, anesthesia or surgery. In such situation the camp will attempt to notify the parents as soon as possible. The parents/guardians are responsible for any additional expense that may result from such services.

Privacy Clause: Parent agrees to permit reasonable use of photos and videos of applicant in promoting the camp or camp programs. The parent also permits the applicants contact information to be included on the Camp Directory. The directory enables campers and staff to stay in touch with each other throughout the year.