Kadayawan with the Ata

For a number of years now, we have been celebrating Kadayawan with our partners from the community of the Ata tribe in Paquibato District, Davao City. Each time has been quite a unique and beautiful experience! This year, through the invitation of Deputy Mayor Roel Ali of the Ata tribe, we celebrated the festivities with the community from Sorayan, Tapak and Malabog. It was amazing to see the community take an active role in the festival as they participated in the tribal games, cultural presentations, parades and other events. At the end, we were able to hold a short but sweet gathering with the youth of the community to share stories about their Kadayawan experience. Our local partners and friends were also there to show support and celebrate the bounty of life with the community.
What made the gathering more meaningful was the cross-cultural interaction between them and the youth. They shared stories and had fun! We hope to hold more of this kind of gatherings to build connections between peoples of different cultures and backgrounds. We are grateful to all those came to witness with us the diversity of the peoples here in Davao City; the community, for their openness to receive us as friends and share the richness of their culture, and Creator, for the gift of beauty and abundance.