December 2018

Mish Adventures 2018!

The time we spent in Mishkeegogamang First Nation this past July was full of so many new adventures and unexpected surprises. This summer we were invited by former chief Connie Gray-McKay to spend four days at the Pashkokogan Healing Lodge with 12 youth where we were able to explore the land, go fishing, and hear stories from the community members working on this beautiful site. The Mishkeegogamang Community Center opened it’s doors to us this summer to run two weeks of Kid’s Camp since the Missabay School, where we usually run camp, was under construction. It turned out to be a great site for all of our activities. Additionally, we were able to hire Claudia Kwandibens, one of the youth from Mishkeegogamang, to join our team of camp directors, which was a wonderful addition to our camp staff team this summer. It truly was an action-packed summer for us as we all got to learn about the Courage (Ackkodahhaywin) of the Bear (Makwa).

“I had such a fun summer with the Mish Adventure Camp staff! It was so great to be a
part of the staff at the camp that I have gone to for a lot of years as a camper. I had a lot
of fun with all of the kids in my group too. Now when I see them in the community, they
come up to me and say ‘hi‘ and they give me hugs whenever they see me!“
– Youth Leader, Kressida Loon

Chad first came to camp when he was seven years old. When he was seven, he would run around playing field hockey, swimming and building on his friendships with the other boys and girls in his group.

This year Chad is fourteen and he became a youth leader!

Watching him come into camp each morning and calling the thirteen seven and eight year-olds in his group to him to start the day is inspiring. Knowing he wanted to make sure the younger members of his community had the same opportunities to laugh, be encouraged, have fun, and hear that someone else believes in them as he had when he attended camp, is an amazing gift to be given as a camp director.
– Christina DeVries, camp co-director

As we reflect on this summer in Mishkeegogamang and the amazing opportunities we were able to provide to the children and youth of Mishkeegogamang, there are so many people we want to thank. Without your support, encouragement and funding, we would not be able to run the breadth of programming we do. We would like to thank the Muskoka Woods Youth Foundation, the Ptarmigan Charitable Foundation, Peterborough KM Hunter Charitable Foundation, Fluke Transport, John Knox Christian School in Oakville, the Gathering Place, Redwood Park Church and the numerous individuals for their support this summer.

At Pashkokogan, the land reaches up, stretching her arms around us--youth, staff, and community.
And what does she hold? Everything. Her fingers prod us over it and we tumble into belonging. She scatters challenge generously, found in swamp walks, fishing lessons and impromptu parkour. Her invitation is to the thrill of mastery, the kindness of encouragement and the belief that we can become more of who we were made to be. She hems us in with beauty, stitching together space for us to give and receive stories—sometimes of pain, sometimes of hope, sometimes of both, and so often with laughter—walking us toward healing in her fierce, quiet presence.
Together, we’re forever changed by it.
– reflection written by staff member Ashley Rodericks-Schulwach

Looking Ahead to Mish Adventures 2019: Exploring the Humility of the Wolf

The Mish Adventures Leadership Team is excited about building on what we learned from the Seven Sacred Teachings‘ Courage of the Bear this past summer by focusing on the ways the Wolf teaches us about Humility next summer.

June 30 -July 6 Week 1: Youth Leadership Development @ Muskoka Woods
July 7-8 Staff Training
July 9-13 Week 2: Youth Camp on the land at Pashkokogan
July 15-19 Week 3: Kids & Youth Camps
July 20 Youth and Young Families Retreat
July 22-26 Week 4: Kids & Youth Camps
July 27-28 Staff Debrief